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Stanley J. O'Brien Jr.

Remodeling and Home


Stan O'Brien with Paradime Construction is very knowledgeable in the house building process. We built a new construction home in West Columbia and enjoyed working with Stan throughout the process.

Stan drew floor plans off what we wanted and tweaked them until they were exactly what we wanted. He drew the floor plans so it utilized all possible space for extra storage. He looked at my Pinterest page for ideas I liked. He was always easily accessible via email, phone, or text message. If Stan didn't know the answer, he diligently researched until he did.

I recommend Paradime Construction to anyone looking to build a new home. If you think you can't afford it, you're wrong. During all meetings, Stan was conscious of the budget and gave a friendly reminder if a selection was over the budget and suggested alternatives if needed.

Paradime began construction as soon as possible and had few delays that were uncontrollable (weather, inspections, etc).

-Rachel Longtine • Project Date: August 2014

In 2007 I contracted with Stan Obrien, owner of Paradime Construction, to design and build a house on a very small river front lot. My only input and assistance was that the house was to be very open, at least 2500 square feet, and have a back yard pool. (Not an easy achievement given the size of the lot)

Stan exceeded all my expectations and in many ways went beyond his contractual obligations. I was completely satisfied with every aspect of the process and the fact that I am writing this review seven years after occupying the house speaks volumes about his ability to maintain satisfaction.

In my opinion, Paradime Construction is the best design build residential contractor in the midlands of South Carolina.

-Wayne Gotto - West Columbia SC • Project Date: April 2007

My husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Stan O'brien and his team. After meeting with several builders we decided to choose Paradime Construction to build our first new house . Not only is Stan kind and patient but he was willing to work within our budget. He was very honest with us and helped in many of the decisions we had to make throughout this building process. Talking to Stan was real easy for us. I worked full time and had two small kids so a lot of my questions and decisions were discussed thru email . Stan was very good at responding quickly to my questions so I never felt like I had to wait a long time for responses and that meant a lot to us. The building process for us was fun and exciting and I love making all the decisions and choices in building our house from start to finish. When all the paperwork was final and we got started we cleared ground in Februrary 2012 and moved in September 2012. Stan promised that he would have us in a new house my Christmas and he was right so we felt that things went rather quickly. The day his team started framing the house we found out we were expecting our third child and quickly Stan revised the plans and made us a third child's room for our baby boy. We feel that the structure and foundation of our house is very well built and safe for our 3 children. All in all we loved working with Stan and his team and I would highly recommend them to build you your dream home.

-Artana and Patrick • Project Date: February 2012

Stan O'Brien, Customer Home Builder--------A house made of straw, wood, or brick? If that's your choice of material, and you're not afraid of any wolves, Paradime and the awesome team of Stan O'Brien can (and will) customize and build a home for you without any fears on your part. This team is THE MOST UPSTANDING we've ever met; therefore, after much research, they became "our choice" after we decided we could build our dream home that was "drawn" for us back in 1995, as newly weds. Here we are almost 20 years later, and Mr. O'Brien (within a year) has fulfilled our dreams and hopes, and we couldn't be more at peace or contentment (not to mention COMPLETELY satisfied with all). From detailing and specification to generality and entirety, Stan O'Brien and his team were there for us each step of the way. They offered us COMPLETE assurance in their integrity as people and as a team of professionals, so that not one ounce of fear or doubt EVER arose within us. Paradime always made contact and kept us abreast--by phone, text, e-mail, or personal visit. Never were we in the dark about anything (even when the wife --that's me- :)---was venturing into the area of "over-budget.") Mr. O'Brien shared all with us and even brought us back to our first concern--were we "in budget of what we had established as a family." We truly believe, as a Christian family, that values, a man's word, integrity, and honesty ALL play a part in the success of a process and endeavor such as this. These characteristics, in other words, will make or break a family going through something so stressful and demanding, but Mr. O'Brien would often assure and comfort along the way--offering suggestions or "cutting to the chase." NOTHING was EVER shrouded on this company's part in "building our dream." Their passion and honesty were outstanding, and the outcome from ground---up has been amazing! The quality in and vision of our "home's birth" have been an answer to our prayers. Should we be amazed? Absolutely! Should we be amazed that Paradime could offer and succeed in filling our dreams, hopes, and desires? Absolutely not! Why? That's just "how they roll." :)

-Edward, Kim, and Caleb Rivers • Project Date: June 2013

The best person to build your dream home!! He built us ours!!! Very efficient, very organized and built our home in time he promised. We highly recommend
Stan if you want the best home built. We would definitely use his services again.

-H.S. • Project Date: November 2011

Paradime Construction built our house in Gilbert about a year and a half ago and we couldn't be happier with the building process and the finished product. Stan O'Brien is wonderful to work with; he was able to take the ideas that we had and the things that we needed and incorporate both into our house plans. He was extremely patient and easy to talk to; never pushy. We also liked the fact that he is a green builder and our house is extremely energy efficient. Stan was, and still is, always willing to answer questions we may have about our house or the building process. Any concerns we had along the way were quickly addressed. It really was an awesome experience and, if we were to build again, I would definitely want Stan O'Brien and Paradime Construction to build my next home.

-T. Q. • Project Date: May 2012

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