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Fall Lawn Care

Sunday is the first day of Fall - a very important season for your lawn health. That's right, if you prepare your lawn for going dormant this winter you'll be rewarded in the spring with a lush vibrant yard! read more...

CHiP Designation

A lot of builders claim to build a “Green” home.  But what does that mean? How do you know your home is actually more energy efficient and healthier than others?

Paradime Construction offers a green building program that is verified by the Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia.  In fact, they were one of the first Builder to receive the Certified High Performance or CHiP designation in the Midlands.

The CHiP designation is awarded by the Home Builders Association of Greater Columbia’s Green Building Council. All CHiP homes are tested and verified by an independent third party to ensure the homes are built to high performance standards.

Contact Paradime Construction today to find out how your home can become a CHiP home.

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